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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

I'm not dead....yet.

   I realize it's been almost two months since my last blog post. There are a myriad of reasons, working on my beginner's license (that's where the title of my post comes in), Just Cause 2, job hunting, and just plain getting older and having more responsibilities. But, I have built some during that time. And this post is highlighting those things I have built.

   Halftrack started one night when I was pretty bored. It went through many small changes until it ended up like this.

   Monoplane. I didn't have enough pieces to build a biplane and still stick to the color scheme.

   The struts and twin MGs. The idea for the struts came while I was building it. My original idea would have worked but it would have been very bulky.

   My original wings were thicker and looked awful.

   A view of the profile which I think looks very realistic.

   These two guys were build to go with the knight and troll. The green guy is the knight's sidekick while the red guy started out as the king but doesn't look anything like a king now.