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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dragon Mountain.

 The second part of the build include one half of dragon mountain, the princess, and a dragon knight.
This part surprised me in many ways. First of all I was not sure what was under the stairs and was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a small little place for the dragon knight to rest and have a little snack. Moving up we come to the cell which has to be the smallest cell in the history of forever. It is only 4x3 just big enough for the princess to stand in. And then at the very top is a little creepy battlement with spikes and things sticking out of it.

 The final part builds the other half of dragon mountain, and the evil dragon wizard.
first you build the wizards potion room/chill out place, because even dastardly villains need a place to chill once in awhile. this is pretty awesome but it is difficult to get the bottles and keys out. Then you build a little walkway with a catapult, and finally the dragon wizard.

 Over all this is a cool that needs a little more of the castle, (maybe another wall or a storeroom), and another dragon knight.

And these are all of the extra bits you get, awesome or what?