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Friday, 28 November 2014


   The LAV III is a Canadian designed and built LAV or Light Armored Vehicle. It was built by General Dynamics Land Systems and is the primary mechanized infantry vehicle of both the Canadian army and New Zealand army.  It has a top speed of 100 kph and has an eight wheel drive. Although the turret gives it a higher center of gravity than originally anticipated it is does not roll over easily except on unstable terrain. When it came into service during the Gulf War it was highly admired by our NATO allies.

   Even though I think that this is one of my better builds I'm still not entirely happy with it. Too short, a little too tall, turret not right. I'm probably going to go work on it once I finish this post so expect a version 2 later on.

   And there it is, the minfig scale interior. When I began this I didn't think I would be able to do it but I guess I proved myself wrong. Anyhow, you can see the troops seats and the fire extinguishers (those little red thingies). The real LAV III holds 7 soldiers while mine holds about 4.
   Turret doesn't turn but you're still able to climb through it to the gunners seat.
   The gunner and commander's seats are set on a turntable so you can turn it like it turns in real life. It's a bit cramped but it works. And in front of them is where the driver would be but I couldn't get a minifig in it.

   And finally here it is with the top removed so you can see the interior.
   Overall I think this is the best vehicle I have ever built even though it does need some work. I plan to lengthen it by a few studs, redesign the turret, see if I can get a minifig to fit in the drivers seat and see if I can shorten it at all.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Wolf Mecha

   Recently I saw a hardsuit where the builder had used the monster fighters werewolf head for the head of the hardsuit. I had recently gotten the set and since I had no use for the werewolf I had simply put it aside until I thought of something. After seeing the hardsuit I was inspired to build my own and this was the result.
I thought the piece I chose for his breastplate was just perfect. That little tubular thingy on his right arm is a mini blaster. I also like how I used the wing pieces around his head.