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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


   I wouldn't really call this a version 2.0 of my catapult since it's pretty much a different design but it does share many similarities in the design.
It's sort of a trebuchet and a catapult smashed together.

The swinging counterweight. I hinged it just like the real life ones. It really works.

I kept the breakaway mechanism and the catapult bucket because I simply could not think of another angle.

I made it large and beefy and without wheels as if it had been built at the site of the seige.

So when you break the chain away the counterweight swings down like this...

The bucket comes up like this, and flings the brick considerably farther than my other catapult.

Either that or it breaks apart like so. The arms are too long and even after reinforcing it with technic pins it's still quite fragile.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Medieval Stuff

   The outpost here wasn't planned to be showcased on it's own but my vision required a lot more skill than I have at the moment and I gave it up. However, the outpost still looks impressive on it's own plus I had something else I wanted to share.
I tried to go for a weatherbeaten look.

The second floor is supported by huge ironwood pillars. There's also a window to look out out of.

I have no idea why I don't make trapdoors. It must get pretty leaky when it rains.

Now for the secret. I built the entire outpost first then built the base to match. It was probably one of the harder things I've done with my lego but it worked in the end.

Now a pic of the interior. And that is why it's so big. I had to fit those two stairs in there.

And now for my catapult/trebuchet/??? I'm not good at knowing what a particular medieval siege machine is. I built it with my own ideas and no reference pictures.

How it works. This is my breakaway mechanism, You just snap that brown stick to the side...

The chains come away and it either does this... 

Or it falls away beautifully and it flings your ammo, a few centimeters? Yeah, it definitely needs more work and I'm probably going to come up with a version 2.0. 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Veggie Burger Factory

   The reason I didn't finish this is because I had absolutely no idea where I was going with the rest of it and I got pretty sick so I have zero motivation. That being said I think the factory is a excellent build.

Overview of the factory.

So first these robot arms pour the gelatinous veggie burger out in a precise shape and amount.

The veggie burger heads into this oven where it is simultaneously baked and sprayed with enough preservatives that it doesn't need refrigeration during shipping. Then it turns 90 degrees and...

Is dropped off into that tray where a man boxes it. That grey thingy is a walkway across the conveyor belt.

The worker then hauls the boxes up here.

Then uses an electromagnetic crane to load them into a truck.

My personal favorite part is the roof. It was fairly easy to do the skylights but it wasn't my first idea.

Part of the police office I was kind of working on. I also had an idea for a bank but it didn't work.