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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Complete Desert Town

    When I started this I knew I didn't have enough beige and tan for a whole build. I went to a guy who sells used Lego and bought a couple of sets and then completed the Desert Town in a few hours.


   I really wish I had more pieces like this tarp. It really brings things to another level.

    The booth dealer.

    I couldn't figure out what to do with this building so I left it empty.
    The "door".

    I'm really proud of this speeder. I whipped it up after the rest of the build was finished.

    One last shot.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Desert Town

   This is the start of a larger dio that I want to make once I get more pieces. And, yes, it is inspired by Star Wars.

     It's a small cantina/apartment.

    The cantina. Those two dudes are some troops making a routine inspection. Not that there's much to inspect.

    The bar and some small booths in the back.

    The upstairs aprtment's rent is really cheap since the cantina stays open 24-7.

     Sparse furnishings.
    A person hiring a bounty hunter. On this planet they are literally a dime a dozen.

Monday, 16 January 2017

What I've been up to.

   I feel like I've been in a bit of a slump as of late. Anything I build is just small. I haven't built anything really great in a while but I wanted to show that stuff here.
   A pickup truck and small car I made.

   A folding pocketknife made a while back as a challenge.

   A macro figure who is supposed to be Diabolous from John Bunyans, The Holy War which I am studying this year.

   I wanted to make his arms look all muscular and brawny under his armor.

   I like the hands too. I wanted it to look lifelike and I think I achieved that well.

   I like the techniques I was able to incorporate into the head.

   My most recent build is sort of a Rhono 2.0. I'm trying to upgrade the Coalition and Confederation vehicles but so far I don't think it's working.

   It has room for about 16 troops though.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Life Size SMG

   I'm pretty tired right now because I got up at 5:00 to shovel a foot of snow off my driveway so this post may be pretty short.
   I am so short on words right now. I can't think of anything to say.

   I couldn't flip this but it is the grip, mag and trigger.

   The forward handgrip was originally folding but it didn't offer any support and this looks better.

   Barrel and flash hider.

   Reflex sight.

   But this stock is my real pride.

   You just take out the pin...

   And the stock extends to whatever length.

   I took this picture to show off the scale but also to show off my super sweet, new(used)leather jacket.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Micro Mediterranean Town.

   Sorry that I haven't been writing lately. My computer konked out and I've been having other people's just to get things done. Plus my Dad has kidney cancer so new computers aren't a high priority on my list right now. I also have barely been building at all and what I have been building has been fairly mediocre. This is easily the best of what I've been up to.
   Overview from the sea. My brother says that the ship is too big. I don't know.

   The dock.

   The town is called "El Guapo Grande" or, The Grand Chicken. During the towns first years Vikings landed on the beach at night. I it hadn't been for that brave chicken raising the alarm the town would have been lost. The town honored the chicken with a giant statue in the middle of the town square. 

   The "burbs".

   It was my brother's idea to add the lighthouse.

   I'm particularly proud of these trees. Unfortunately they are pretty fragile. 

   This ship is magnificent for the scale. It was actually the first art of the build that I built which might be why it's not really to scale.

   Well, I am working on a life-size SMG right now so I've got enough left for at least one more post.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Attack Jet.

   I recently bought the Lego Quinjet (just the jet not the minifigs) and this is the result of about an hour of work.
   It originally started as a two seat ground attack fighter with retractable landing gear. But the rest of the design hasn't changed much. I knew I wanted to give it a hulking, low profile with swooping wings.

   Front view.

   Large, chunky wings.

   Back view.

   Bottom view. The wings were difficult but easily my favorite part of the build as I tried to get all the sections to work together.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

I'm back...for now.

   It seems every time I make another sailing ship it gets bigger and better and this is no exception.

   There she is in all her glory. My first ship with double masts and a form of sails. I'm sorry I didn't get a better picture of them.

   Side view.

   Lot's of deck space to move around.

   Moving rudder.

   My first version of the captains cabin was grossly oversize. This is a significant improvement. Still I wish I had made the deck longer. 

   There is a hatch in the deck as well.

   And a section of the top deck is removable. I still haven't figured out what to put in here. Maybe beds since all my other ships had nothing for the crew to sleep on.

   Back view of the captains cabin. Based on what has been added on to each previous sailing ship I predict my next one will have cannons.