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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Attack Jet.

   I recently bought the Lego Quinjet (just the jet not the minifigs) and this is the result of about an hour of work.
   It originally started as a two seat ground attack fighter with retractable landing gear. But the rest of the design hasn't changed much. I knew I wanted to give it a hulking, low profile with swooping wings.

   Front view.

   Large, chunky wings.

   Back view.

   Bottom view. The wings were difficult but easily my favorite part of the build as I tried to get all the sections to work together.


  1. I really like the tailpipes and how you got the curve to the wings. I think "Deathswallow" would be kind of cool name, after the Swallow bird since they have a real neat wing shape as well.

    1. Thanks man. I know many people go to a lot of trouble thinking up names and backstory for their builds but I pretty much build and post.

    2. Yeah, and it's not a bad idea.