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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Micro Mediterranean Town.

   Sorry that I haven't been writing lately. My computer konked out and I've been having other people's just to get things done. Plus my Dad has kidney cancer so new computers aren't a high priority on my list right now. I also have barely been building at all and what I have been building has been fairly mediocre. This is easily the best of what I've been up to.
   Overview from the sea. My brother says that the ship is too big. I don't know.

   The dock.

   The town is called "El Guapo Grande" or, The Grand Chicken. During the towns first years Vikings landed on the beach at night. I it hadn't been for that brave chicken raising the alarm the town would have been lost. The town honored the chicken with a giant statue in the middle of the town square. 

   The "burbs".

   It was my brother's idea to add the lighthouse.

   I'm particularly proud of these trees. Unfortunately they are pretty fragile. 

   This ship is magnificent for the scale. It was actually the first art of the build that I built which might be why it's not really to scale.

   Well, I am working on a life-size SMG right now so I've got enough left for at least one more post.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I will being praying for you guys. I really like the chicken idea, I was trying to organize my Lego collection but I'm not sure if that is going to happen. It is amazing how many non-Lego pieces there are to sort out. Merry Christmas BTW.

    1. Thanks for the support man. I sorted all the Megabloks out of my Lego quite a while back. It wasn't hard but now they're all in a ammo tin.

    2. Your welcome. Megabloks is only part of the problem, my collection just has some random junk in it as well.

    3. How are you planning on sorting it?

    4. Well, I have been sorting groups of similar (ish) parts into little bags and some parts into boxes, I am totally open to ideas though.

    5. Since I'm not getting very far

    6. Well I've just separated by color into ziplok bags. I don't have enough to separate by parts yet.