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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Public Enemy #1

   One thing that's always bugged me with my legos is that I have never been able to build a really good hardsuit that would be suitable for mass production. So yesterday after getting a few ideas off the internet I went ahead and built a hardsuit. These look a lot better than the ones I did a blog post about a while back and they are very easy to build. So without further ado I give you the most dangerous mercenary group in the galaxy, Public Enemy #1!
The commander. This guy is the one who invented the suits and started this little mercenary group. He has two quick draw Extinguisher pistols and four 40mm. grenade tubes. Always trying to figure out how to squeeze every last drop of profit out of his clients he is devious and smart.

Doc is the teams equipment specialist. He designed all their weapons and he is always ready to hack through any security system. He uses a type 3 pulse rifle with a grenade launcher. He also has a harpoon gun on his left arm allowing him to swing along like spider man.

Heavy is the teams heavy weapons expert (naturally). He uses two quad 90 mm. rocket launchers as his primary weapons. Luckily he's ex-military or the forces produced by these weapons would knock him down every time he tried to shoot. He also has a chainsaw on his right arm.
 Freddy is the team noob. Not very good at this criminal thing the only reason he is on the team is because he is a crack shot with his sniper rifle. He also has a jump pack and a x class light homing missile launcher.

 And then there's brute. Never said much to anybody since he joined the team but he is one of their most valuable assets. He uses his booster jets to zoom over to his enemy while deflecting their shots with his shield and then smash them with that big club. He has killed more guys than anyone else on their team.

And now for a groupy. 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sci-Fi Helicopter.

 This is actually a redesign of a helicopter a built a while back and never posted. The noticeable differences are that this one is solid dark grey instead of having bits of dark tan, the nose is more bent and my old one was smaller. However the basic design remains the same and I think this is one of my best models yet.

 A side view shows the peculiar bent nose of this supersonic bird of prey. It also gives a nice view of the side-mounted vulcan minigun barrels poking out.
A blurry shot showing how the wings are attached.

Landing position.