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Thursday, 29 January 2015


  This is version two of my LAV III. I had to get this done since I was planning to wreck it up to build other stuff. The obvious changes are, a turret redesign, lengthening of the entire thing by about four studs and shortening by at least a plate.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Retired WIP

  This was a WIP of a two seat heavy fighter built in gray and light green. Since I was only using the new light grey it was very difficult and took me about two hours to build this. Then I scrapped it for another build. Luckily I had taken a couple of pictures for my records.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Coalition Rhino

  This is a special post since it was actually built by my younger brother. It may seem small but it's actually a huge thing for him since he keeps telling me that he can't build good looking vehicles. Anyhow, it's a simple four man APC with no armament. It doesn't need any since it has the latest in defensive technology. Nothing other than a cruise missile will take it out.

One small shovel for getting them out of the mud.

Pretty cramped, but who's complaining?

The driver is also the squad commander. My brother said it's because he doesn't want to sit in the back. 

And the team, deployed around their Rhino. I will explain later why there are peachys and yellow minifigs mixed together.                                                                                                                                         

Friday, 23 January 2015

Katniss and Lizard Mutt.

  Introducing Katniss, the mentally unstable heroine of the Hunger Games and the Lizard Mutt, the creepiest thing this side of reality. The lizard mutt was super hard to build and Katniss is about as generic as you can get. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Small scale future fighter

  I call this small scale because it's too big to be mini scale and a little too small to be minifig scale. Anyhow, here it is. It's definitely one of my coolest black spaceships(not that I've built too many).

Undercarriage. Not sure how you're supposed to land, but it's the thought that counts.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


  One man, Lego spaceships. The internet is flooded with them. So here is my contribution, a one man, four gunned space interceptor. It has everything it needs, a control panel, working landing gear, guns, engines, the works. So here you go, my generic, one man spaceship.

               Here you see the business end of his guns. Two 30mm. miniguns, and two 6 in. rocket pods.                                                                

The engines. These babies can blast this thing through space at mach 20.  

And the eager young pilot ready to prove himself to his more seasoned colleagues.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Epic APC

   One of the problems constantly plaguing NHCI (Noah's Horrible Creations Inc.) was their inability to make a good looking APC. Then after receiving a shipment of treads on January 1st 2015 the head designers drew up plans for a humongous four treaded tank. The prototype was slapped together within an hour but was rejected because it was too small and weak looking. Not being one to throw away a good idea the head decided to let them have another crack at it. Halfway through production the designers realized that making a turret would be next to impossible and it would't look great due to lack of parts. They decided it would be easier to just convert the back into a troop carrier thus bypassing the supplies issue and maybe making a half good APC for once. The first version was completed and besides a bit of a cramped troop compartment it was accepted. Further small redesigns ended in the version you see below. My first half good APC. Now if I could just make a good dropship...

 The drivers hatch. I think you'd pretty much have a telescoped spine after getting out of this. You'd definitely need a chiropractor on base.

 The troop compartment is definitely one of the roomiest I've built. It can hold five troops quite comfortably.

 The drivers seat. I was hoping to make this a bit roomier and have room for another guy but it didn't happen.    

And a little sneak peak on things to come.