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Monday, 19 January 2015

Epic APC

   One of the problems constantly plaguing NHCI (Noah's Horrible Creations Inc.) was their inability to make a good looking APC. Then after receiving a shipment of treads on January 1st 2015 the head designers drew up plans for a humongous four treaded tank. The prototype was slapped together within an hour but was rejected because it was too small and weak looking. Not being one to throw away a good idea the head decided to let them have another crack at it. Halfway through production the designers realized that making a turret would be next to impossible and it would't look great due to lack of parts. They decided it would be easier to just convert the back into a troop carrier thus bypassing the supplies issue and maybe making a half good APC for once. The first version was completed and besides a bit of a cramped troop compartment it was accepted. Further small redesigns ended in the version you see below. My first half good APC. Now if I could just make a good dropship...

 The drivers hatch. I think you'd pretty much have a telescoped spine after getting out of this. You'd definitely need a chiropractor on base.

 The troop compartment is definitely one of the roomiest I've built. It can hold five troops quite comfortably.

 The drivers seat. I was hoping to make this a bit roomier and have room for another guy but it didn't happen.    

And a little sneak peak on things to come.                             

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