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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Complete Desert Town

    When I started this I knew I didn't have enough beige and tan for a whole build. I went to a guy who sells used Lego and bought a couple of sets and then completed the Desert Town in a few hours.


   I really wish I had more pieces like this tarp. It really brings things to another level.

    The booth dealer.

    I couldn't figure out what to do with this building so I left it empty.
    The "door".

    I'm really proud of this speeder. I whipped it up after the rest of the build was finished.

    One last shot.


  1. Yeah, that booth is a nice piece. The speeder is really neat, it doesn't have a really complex or polished look, but has that kind of simplicity that is cool. I like the big exhaust pipe.

  2. Very nice lego setup. I used to have lego's but then I also had little siblings. I like how the action figures are all dressed for the weather.