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Monday, 16 January 2017

What I've been up to.

   I feel like I've been in a bit of a slump as of late. Anything I build is just small. I haven't built anything really great in a while but I wanted to show that stuff here.
   A pickup truck and small car I made.

   A folding pocketknife made a while back as a challenge.

   A macro figure who is supposed to be Diabolous from John Bunyans, The Holy War which I am studying this year.

   I wanted to make his arms look all muscular and brawny under his armor.

   I like the hands too. I wanted it to look lifelike and I think I achieved that well.

   I like the techniques I was able to incorporate into the head.

   My most recent build is sort of a Rhono 2.0. I'm trying to upgrade the Coalition and Confederation vehicles but so far I don't think it's working.

   It has room for about 16 troops though.


  1. That is cool that you can fit that many in the the Rhono. Also, the the half-track is a cool feature as well. And the little radar dashboard. Maybe as a suggestion you could add an automated MG turret, or grenade launcher. Does the knife fold all the way in? I have a knife made by Kershaw called the Lifter. It has this really neat finish, I could post about it sometime.

    1. Yes the knife definitely folds all the way into the handle. Kershaw makes good knives. My knife was made by Gerber in conjunction with Sykes Fairburn.

    2. Cool! Definitely a creative build. Is that the one you posted about? The EDC one? or is that a different knife?

    3. Nope this one is a different one the other was a simple Chinese folder.