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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


   I wouldn't really call this a version 2.0 of my catapult since it's pretty much a different design but it does share many similarities in the design.
It's sort of a trebuchet and a catapult smashed together.

The swinging counterweight. I hinged it just like the real life ones. It really works.

I kept the breakaway mechanism and the catapult bucket because I simply could not think of another angle.

I made it large and beefy and without wheels as if it had been built at the site of the seige.

So when you break the chain away the counterweight swings down like this...

The bucket comes up like this, and flings the brick considerably farther than my other catapult.

Either that or it breaks apart like so. The arms are too long and even after reinforcing it with technic pins it's still quite fragile.


  1. Cool, definitely better than the mk.1 version. Yeah, the pin must be a problem because I would assume you don't have a pin long enough so you have to use several and then there are the weak points. With a REALLY long one that problem would be solved. You could shorten it, but then you would lose range. Cool build though.

    1. And obviously it still works within its limits.

    2. I tried reinforcing it by building a spine but then the trigger "mechanism" wouldn't work.

    3. I'm trying to figure out a gopro style camera harness.Yep, the challenges of building things