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Monday, 4 April 2016


   This is something I've always wanted to try and with my latest dabbling in medieval builds I decided to go for it. I wouldn't say I really enjoyed this because it was quite fragile but the end result is well worth it. I may do more micro castles because they just look sooo good. I also learned several things. First, you may think microscale is easier because you don't have to worry about adding in as much detail. You actually have to think about details much more because you have to convey the build in such a small size. Also, it's impossible to build a working microscale trebuchet.
I originally wanted a small river separating the castle from farmland. Due to lack of parts I changed it so it's now on a sort of small island in a bay.

Overview of the castle. The gatehouse was built first with the rest around it.

So, war doesn't come often to this kingdom but if it does they chop or burn the bridge away then drop the portcullis. I didn't build that in. I was originally going to make a working drawbridge but it didn't work in this scale.
The keep. I went through multiple designs for the roof including fairy-tale spires but this was the best. The spires didn't fir with the rest of the castle.

Little tower. That brick with the hole is the door.

Stable or barracks set in the wall. Oddly enough this is one of my favourite parts of the build. I like little details like this.
Dock and ship. These were added on today after I finished the rest of the build. 

The little road leading to the castle with two knights on horseback.

Bit of a closeup on the knights. They are a little big.

The messy underside. This was a beast to build because it was so fragile.



  1. Nice! That is a really cool build. It is cool how you built it with the SNOT base.

    1. Luckily microscale allows me to do that. I'm always frustrated when my minigfig scale builds have exposed studs on the ground but there's really nothing I can do about it.

    2. Yeah, but with figs the studs are useful for placement