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Monday, 17 June 2013

Hello All!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARight off the bat I want to straighten one thing out, I do not like Legos. Yup, you heard me right, I don’t like them, I love them! I’m obsessed with them! I like them so much it’s not even funny. Let me tell you though, I don’t think my Mom’s too happy about it especially when it looks like Legoland blew up inside my room. It all started when my aunt gave my brother and I a set she had back when she was young. It was one of the old castle sets, the Black Falcon’s Fortress. I played with that with my brother every single day. Then one day when we were visiting our local flea market I noticed a new booth. I decided to check it out, lo and behold, the guy was selling Legos! Not only was he selling sets and bagged bricks, but he also was selling individual minifigures. I went away that day with a space guy and my brother got a Johnny Thunder minifigure. Since then my collection (and my brothers – we share) has steadily grown. Right now at my estimate we have around 10 sets and 80 to 90 minifigs. At the moment I’ve been growing out of actually playing things with my Legos, and instead I am now starting to like challenging myself on what I can make with my small (relatively, because seriously I have around 5,000 bricks, but the problem is it’s mostly just bricks) collection of bricks I’ve started this blog to showcase some of my creations, new and old. So please enjoy my creations, I’m not a Lego Master Builder but I do believe every now and then I do make something noteworthy. So sit back, wait for the first posts, and even send me some ideas if you want. Bye, for now!

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