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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Engineer Mercenary.

  So I was messing around with my minifigs and I made a little mercenary engineer. Then I built a couple of sentry guns and then I just kept building gear for him until I had a bunch of little stuff.

His two little sentry's. Simple and they look real good.

His dispenser. The compartment manufactures ammo in belts and clips, then there's a little sentry on the side to protect it and finally on the other side there's a coffee maker to refresh yourself.              

He has a couple of different mines. A anti-personnel claymore and some anti-tank mines. I'm especially proud of that claymore.                                                                                                    

He also has a variety of equipment to help defend and repair his equipment.

He uses a pistol as his firearm but he also has a walkie-talkie to communicate with his team, a wrench, and a gun with interchangeable heads. A harpoon, a grappling hook and a chainsaw.

From this terminal he can remotely use any of his turrets, monitor the damage they've taken and where they are, and he can also remotely destroy any of them.                

And here he is with all of his equipment.

1 comment:

  1. love the coffee maker - can't have an engineer without his coffee