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Monday, 23 November 2015

Junk Stuff.

   So I've just got a couple of different things here. One is very old while the other is much more recent. I didn't think either of them were good enough for a full post so I'm just putting them both in here.

This one is really old, about two years actually and I obviously don't have it built anymore. I think it was my first good car and I kind of inspired me to build more.                                                            

It couldn't fit a minifig though.

This is much more recent I built it only a few weeks ago. Although the finished product was OK it wasn't really my vision so I scrapped it.                                                                                              
Training some new recruits for the Confederation. Those are dummies dressed in Coalition armour.

Some mechanics working on a car.

And the best part of the build. The outdoor gym.

Bench presses and weighted knee bends.

A little overview.

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