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Thursday, 3 December 2015


   I decided to have another shot at a crawler since my last one turned into a hovertank. The only thing I don't like about this is the fact that it uses up all my grey pieces. I'll probably bust it up after I do this.
This is the third variant. I had a troop transport version with a helipad and a weapons platform version before I decided it would make more sense as a hospital vehicle.                                  


Sliding door on the back. It's a little low for anything other than a quick getaway.

I really like this crane.
It swivels....

The chain can be raised and lowered with that knob....

And it can slide along the boom.
The front opens and there is a transport truck inside.
As you can see there's ample room inside for just about anything.

This is also about version three for this transport since I had to build it to fit inside.

It can carry three soldiers lying down.


  1. Noah, your ingenuity never fails to amaze me!

    1. Hey Noah. This is Kevin Y. Why don't you Skype me and James anymore? We miss talking to you! I am keeping up with your blog btw. I <3 Your creations! I really do miss you...

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