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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

100th Post!

   This post will be listing my top ten builds I've posted on my blog. A lot of reading ahead so be ready. I'll be doing these roughly in chronological order.

This was the third or fourth incarnation of one of my favorite builds. When I first built this about 2 or 3 years ago I can say that it was the first build I'd actually felt really proud about.
My first good vehicle! This was a post apoc APC that was too small for a minifig to fit in. However it still represented a huge leap forward in my lego building skills and inspired me to build more cars.
Another vehicle! This one even better! Let me tell you that I would never have built this if I didn't think it would have turned out good. Too many fail Warthogs out there. But I think this turned out much better than 99% of the lego Warthogs online.
What can I say about this. This is one of my more awesome looking creations because it's so thin and clean and sleek. I think I went a bit overboard on that bent nose though.
To be honest I usually hate building anything out of lego especially buildings but this was different. I enjoyed the build process immensely and the end result looks great. So this is one of my more favourite builds in this post.
If I had to pick a favourite build out of these top ten I think this would be it. This beautiful beast went through modification after modification before it became this. Overall it's one of my most realistic builds. With a full minifig scale interior (minus driver's seat) it's very true to the real thing.
This is definitely my biggest build at just over 100 studs long (incuding the exhaust cone). While not my prettiest build it deserves a spot for it's awe inspiring immensity, at least among my other creations. It also has a full interior.
One of only two builds from this post that are still set up (the other being my Warthog) this dropship is probably the most detailed vehicle I have ever done. A few days ago I put two jet engines on the back as well.
This is the creation that started me building buildings again. It's quite simplistic and small but I like it since it's clean and neat.
And last but certainly not least, my biggest building build to date, my suburban town! I still can't believe the detail I was able to put in especially in the two apartments. Also how I was able to put good roofs on all the buildings.

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