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Monday, 1 February 2016


   It's been awhile since I tried my hand at an APC. This was inspired by lego APCs I've seen which were in turn inspired by the APC in the movie Aliens.

My only gripe is the fact that there are no mudguards.

The front. I knew I was going to tilt the windshield.
The sideways opening door. They have to kind of duck their head to get out.
I'm real happy with this remote controlled MG. Usually I don't build armament on my vehicles. 
The roof opens.

I took the roof off for this pic. As you can see it's a little cramped but there's room for four guys to sit down and one guy to stand up. The black helmet belongs to the MG/radio operator.
Windshield and roof removed to show the interior.
Now to show off some improvements to my other builds. First are the new boosters for my dropship.

And the folding landing gear and nose mounted gun.
And for my heavy mech I added two more guns under the nose and tacced out his two miniguns.

Group shot of all my Confederation forces. I'm planning to start adding on to my armies of Coalition and Confederation but right now my Confederation would be able to roll the Coalition.


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