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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Life Sized Pistol Tacticool Version

   After I finished my last post I got to thinking, "How could I improve on this gun?" Well I found a way. By over-taccing it I finally have my dream pistol. Now I just need to make a laser, stock and folding handgrip and it will be out of the realm of tacticool and into the realm of plain ridiculousness.

The full build in all it's glory! I added silencer, extended mag and reflex sight along with various other cosmetic changes.

First up. Extended mag for 15 more rounds of pew.

Some small changes on the flashlight.

Reflex sight. My personal favourite addition, this turned out exactly like I had pictured it.

Silencer. It's more of a bloc silencer than a round one, I think those look cooler anyway. Since it's only held in by a technic rod it's a little unstable.

View of the inside.

The bare bones gun with no accessories. Very boring.

View through the reflex sight. I wish I could get it to work.

Me holding the gun to show off the size.


  1. Nice, that is really cool. I have built some life-sized guns, but there not quite as polished as your models. Awhile ago, I built a Star Wars DH-17 style blaster. I don't build legos much anymore, but sometimes I get inspired to build something. I built a U-boat too, which I plan on posting on my blog sometime.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I go for aesthetics more than functionality sometimes which may be why my builds look more polished.

    1. Yeah, I typically build mine so I can mess around with them and also to save time looking for parts. It would be neat to design one more like this though, which is obviously still somewhat functional since you can hold it with stuff falling off. Your profile pic is cool, I just saw HTTYD2 and really liked it... I want to fly dragon now.