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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


   My Every Day Carry. Everyone should have one.
   My well worn multitool is first up. I got this for my 11th birthday and I still use it every day.

   It has pliers, wirecutters, knife, saw, phillips head screwdriver, three other blade headed screwdrivers, awl, and file.

   My chinese made folder. This was a recent buy and is surprisingly good quality for a chinese made knife. It's heavy with a very comfortable handle and it's assisted opening so I can open it one handed. 

   My tactical pen. It doubles as a pressure weapon with that hardened domed end.

   You can unscrew it to get the handcuff key too.

   And finally, my wallet. In this I keep my healthcard (because Canada, eh?) some other odds and ends and whatever money I happen to have at the time which ranges from nothing to 20$ to 200$ dollars at times. So if you want to rob me it's the luck of the draw.

   Now you're probably wondering what this is doing in a Lego blog. Well, short story, I don't have time to make a whole new blog for some little things I want to post. I'll probably be doing some airsoft stuff later.


  1. Cool, I am not into airsoft (I was) but that is still very interesting and I look forward to reading the next posts. My favorite would probably be the folder because it is so tacticool. I have a small knife (don't know where I left it though) and a huge 8 inch Rambo style knife. I would like to get something in between some time. Nice pen too, my wallet is a Civil Air Patrol one, it is blue with the CAP emblem embroidered on it. Never been a hunter so I'm not big on realtree camo,but that's just my opinion.

    1. I also have a another folder, a hunting knife (currently in spear form) and a nice 18 inch machete with a tanto tip. Why'd you get out of Airsoft?

    2. Oh yeah, I actually did that once, it was a broken knife and I rammed it into a PVC pipe to make a spear-like weapon. We have machetes as well, but they are low quality, the sheaths are absolutely stupid, they are made of cloth and the blade gets caught on it, so it can take ridiculously long to get it out. Airsoft got canned for a couple of reasons, no fields really exist in my area, and so I never got used to getting hit since I never played often enough, also generally speaking, most of the people you meet at actual fields are pretty shady, not to mention the cost of the guns which are so complicated and sometimes unreliable.

    3. Yeah, I was lucky to get a fairly high quality stater gun for a extremely good price. My machete is pretty high quality but the sheath is cloth and of pretty shoddy construction at that.

    4. What kind is it? I got a Double Eagles Trishot shotgun, it is pretty good, but only for small size actions, not the killing fields that they call airsoft fields (I'm so negative aren't I? ha ha) Yeah, are machetes have rubber grips that are screwed together with the blade sandwhiched between, one is okay, but the other has a loose grip.

  2. My boomstick is an Ares M-4 CQB S-class. Metal and nylon fiber construction. I got a deal with a battery and smart charger.