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Monday, 28 July 2014


      The Special Circumstances Direct Response Unit is a top commando force trained and fielded by the United States ad Canada. These specialized units are the elite of both nations military, and are a very closely guarded secret. Utilized during Hawaii's rebellion and Montreal's abdication these units quickly distinguished themselves as the best of the best. Here are all the known units and their roles.
These are the commanders. They wear heavy body armor
and carry a type 55 carbine for personal defense.  Highly
trained they make the perfect soldier                                      

These are the heavy support soldiers. They wield MK II
flamethrowers. These flamethrowers fire a mix of napalm
and gasoline that is kept in a highly pressurized container.
When the trigger is pulled it opens a valve in the tank which
allows the fuel to shoot through the hose at high speed.  
As it passes the nozzle a spark plug zaps it igniting the fuel.
    The flames then shoot out up to 150 feet.This weapon is  
highly dangerous and the operator needs several months
of training before he is able to use it.                                    

These are the scouts. They where lighter body armor than the
commanders and carry a lighter SMG.                                           

These are the medium support units. They wield a modified mini
gun which can fire at 6000 rounds a minute. A small cell of liquid
oxygen keeps the gun from overheating but sustained fire for several
minutes will still overheat the mechanism.                                        

This light speeder is used by the scouts to recon enemy territory.

The DAP (direct action penetrator) is the SCDRU's main dropship.
It can hold up to six troops, is heavily armored and can fly at
speeds of 200 mph.                                                                           

The two hellbringer missiles have a large enough blast radius
 to clear out a sizable dropzone.                                                      

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  1. This is great. I'd love to read a novel based on this.