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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Rebels.

  The Rebels are one of the best governments in the galaxy. The Guardians are power hungry and racist, the Coalition are puppets being worked by the Guardians and the Confederation are all stuck up. The Rebels however have a republican government and have no dictator or anything. They will also welcome anyone in though very few fleshies are among them. They control about half of the colonies but these colonies are mainly the poorest ones.
This guy is the main representative for the Rebels. He's sort of like their ambassador.

Here's a commander. They still carry an old six-shooter.

These are the DMR men. They're all crack shots.

These guys use the SAWs. All squads have at least one but most have two since the men like the extra firepower.                                                                                                                                 

Here's a typical mechanic.

And here's a pilot/driver. I love that torso!

This is the only vehicle I've made so far. I got tried of waiting for my brother to build a vehicle for them so I just decided to do it myself I was trying to capture an old school Lego helicopter look.

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