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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Terminator Squad.

  This is a squad of heavy Confederation troopers I put together.
First the entire squad in front of their dropship.

Their sergeant, Conner. He's tough and no nonsense as you can tell by that hardened expression and his cybernetic eye. He carries a sawed down shotgun and uses the Mark 1 armor since it has a jetpack and offers greater protection even though it bulky and clunky.                                                        

This is AJ, the second in command. He's the squads corporal but he doesn't throw it around. Like the other members of the squad he uses the Mark 2 armor which is lighter but can still stop most small arms fire. It also has a small minigun with a very limited ammo supply. It's more for use as a last ditch weapon. He also carries a semi-automatic combat shotgun.                                                   

This is Pernell the squad wise-guy. Always ready to crack a joke no matter where they are, which can get rather tiresome for the rest of the squad. He carries a double barreled assualt rifle.                                         

And then theres Duke. He's the heavy guy, very no-nonsense and able to use anything thrown his        way, in this case a 50. caliber, 1200 rpm. minigun. A formidable force in combat there's no one you'd rather have on your side.                                                                                                                                     

And finally there dropship pilot, Lance. Nothing short of a direct hit from a SAM will stop him from evacing his buddies. He can maneuver his dropship practically anywhere.                                           

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