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Thursday, 1 October 2015

I'm back!

   So I haven't been doing much since I moved partly because I've found another great hobby commonly known as airsoft and also because some friends of mine gave me Age of Empires III a few months ago and I've been playing it more than I should. I think though that if I want to get back to building I'd better start posting again so I have a reason to build. So in what has now become the norm, for my back to blogging post I will be posting some small random stuff I've done.

So here is a little robot with creepy bulbous staring eyes.  

This is actually pretty old. I think I may have made it at my old house.

And what's a random stuff  post without guns? From top to bottom we have a rather large AR with underbarrel nade launcher, smaller SMG built with the same sort of design as the AR and a automatic assault shotgun.                                                                                                                                     

As you can see the AR is rather large. And the barrel extension with the clip is delicate.
    So while I have not made many vehicles (except for a hummer) I have made four separate building builds. Unfortunately this is the only one of the first three I have a picture to. It was supposed to be the set for a shootout. The other two were a cool secret base that I have some horrible pictures of but unfortunately I wasn't able to find, and a warehouse interior that I wasn't able to photograph. Now the fourth build I am going to do a post of later.                                                                                      
     Well I apologize for the bad pics but I'm still setting up my "studio".I hope to continue with many more posts and avoid the Dark Ages.

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