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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Western Town

   This is one of those building builds I've been talking about. There was no real planning involved in this other than the general idea. It took me about a day to complete. I based it off some western towns I used to build a long time ago. This one is infinitely superior to them though.
Overview. Left to Right, Watering hole/Hotel, Sheriffs Office and General Store. 

The small hotel. It's accessed by those stairs on the right and there is actually a small hallway in back.

The very crowded saloon. 

Joey the piano player.

The sheriffs office with a minuscule jail cell.  

And the general store which mostly sells tools and guns.

I made this little cart to go in the scene but there wasn't room. 
   Ok, sorry again for the bad pics but the lighting in my room isn't worth a hill of beans. I'll be back later with more stuff. (probably)

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