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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Final Battle.

   Well, after a couple of days of convincing myself that I had an idea for red team base I decided to let it go. I've got nothing. So here is the epic final battle between two fairly evenly matched forces.
   The forces are arrayed in pretty typical fashion. Armor and mechs supporting the troops.  Colonel Walter of the Blues, safe in his control tower, takes a sip of coffee and cracks his knuckles. Colonel Smythers, commander of the Reds, does likewise while settling into the passenger seat of his Hummer.

   The two railguns open up. Both shots fall completely too low thanks to Private Smith spilling hot chocolate on the targeting computers.

   The two red team hovertanks split up hoping to trap the enemy and allow the infantry to mop up.

   The two blue team mechs sprint away from their base and open fire on the leading tank. It futilely returns fire.

   First blood! One of the mechs shells hits the tank high up, blowing the turret off. 

   The mechs then pause, tensely sizing up the field.
I   gnoring the frenzied screams from his commanding officer, Robert "Big Red" Jenkins takes off across the field with his two wingmen.

   One of the blue team mechs opens up with one shot from his right arm.

   Which results in bits of a wingman being strewn all over.

   Deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, Big Red takes off cross country.

   Suddenly, without warning, two interceptors screech across the sky and unleash their missiles!

   One lands harmlessly in the compound but the other blows the hovertank to smithereens.

   The surviving Red team hovertank takes this moment to start advancing, firing while doing so.

   A lucky shot hits the left arm of a Blue mech. It explodes off and the pilot bails out.

   Meanwhile the infantry of both sides has decided they've been rather useless and get into an intense mid range firefight.

   The two railguns meanwhile have cooled off and are lining up for another shot.

   Oh no! Big Red's cowardly flight was a ploy. Now in a attempt to regain his honour he's back and he's pounding those trucks hard with his 50.s and 30mils.

   Now the tables have turned. With only a mech and four marines left it will take a miracle for Blue to win.

Correction, three marines. Their commander has made the decision to run and fight another day.

   The last Blue team mech has gone down. But not before wasting Big Red.

   The surviving marines file aboard the dropship. This planet was a bust.

   The aftermath. Sure a mess, eh?


  1. I really like the mechs, cool battle. I used to build lots of SW ones and then add lasers and xplosions with Gimp.

    1. I thought of that. But at this point I was getting pretty tired of the whole thing and didn't feel like it.

    2. Yeah, it is a little more professional to do it without the computer effects anyhow.

    3. Unless you can do it real good.