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Monday, 9 May 2016

My Airsoft Gun.

  I purchased this Aisoft gun at an expo for a very good price. I have very few complaints about it, it's tough as nails ( it got dropped off the top bunk in my room by a little brother and the front rail got a little wiggly, an easy fix), accurate, and a good weight, 6.5 pounds.
   It's an Ares CQB M-4 S-class. You can also get them in tan. I paid $200 for mine and it came with the battery.

   It also comes with this comfy forward hand grip.

   I bought a $50 reflex sight for my CQB field. It has four different dots, two different colours and three different light settings. 

   I bought eight mags for $40. They have a few feeding issues and are pretty heavy since they're made of metal but I couldn't pass up a deal.

   Field stripping is pretty easy. You just take out two pins and the upper receiver slides off. I may get into customizing the internals and all that but for right now I'm just happy to play.


  1. Nice, I might try airsoft again sometime (I still got all my gear) but not until I get a field that is anywhere near my house, unless I try playing at my local PB field. Nice gun, those things are so expensive.