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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Old Stuff.

  This is just a bunch of old stuff I had taken pics of and I thought would be interesting.  Excuse the quality of the pics. They were taken before I had any concept of what made a good picture.                                 
This is just a little thing I did that had all the adventurers crashing their plane in a volcano.

This massive crawler thing was my pride and joy. It's one of my more recent builds probably only being about six or so months old. I don't have it up anymore though.

I think I actually made it as a carrier for these dudes.

It's very big but I actually made a larger version later on.

I like these hardsuits a lot. 

Look at that sweet interior! And I love that little squad of guys.

I mean look at them! By the way that is Cobi gear. I like Cobi better than Megablocks since their stuff is much better quality.

The three technicians.

Once I stressed over creating a spiral staircase for a whole night. The next day I came up with this simple design.  It's part of a large ranch house I built.

Uggh. It hurts! Bad photography aside I was really proud of this little dragon when I made him.

And then there was this. I was really proud of this. I think I still would be. It's super nice.

Look at that! It's so big!

And I felt like the man after coming up with this.

And last but not least is this little robot my brother built. It's sort of like a scientist that's looking for life. Don't know why it's carrying the gun though. Or why he's putting everything in his head.

Well that's it. I'm officially out of material for blog posts. I'll probably find something I could do tomorrow but for now goodbye.

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  1. Noah, I can't remember seeing that crawler. It is seriously awesome.